manufacturing & materials

happy genie - designed in Switzerland - made in Italy.
Usually the label "made in Italy“ only refers to an item's last stop on what is typically a global journey. In the case of fashion items, the words "made in" describe the place where a garment or accessory is sew. At happy genie „made in Italy“ means more. We want to lead by example and show transparency by mapping our supply chain.

Supply Chain Map happy genie

our materials


Apple Leather

Yes, it is true, the bags we make are made from apples!

 To be precise they are made from apple waste. happy genie only uses a very innovative & beautiful leather like material made from food waste / apple waste after juicing. 


happy genie - from apple to bag circle - manufacturing of apple leather handbags


recycled cotton

happy genies recycled cotton

To lower the use of water, CO2 and other impacts from cotton farming we use recycled cotton fabrics, manufactured with cotton recycled and waste fabrics.

We try to only use very sustainable materials through out our product range. Even when it comes to packaging we care how our products are made. That's why our dust bags come in a cute tote bag design made from recycled cotton.

happy genie recycled cotton dust bags

palladium galvanic finish 


 palladium hard   

All of our metal hardware comes with a luxurious palladium finish. Making your bag shine for years to come.