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 happy genie

happy genies aim is to make luxury fashion ethical, sustainable and cruelty free without compromising in style and quality. 

happy genie is more than an accessory. For most women a handbag is something very personal and they become a companion in their daily life this is what inspired us to create a bag which serves the lifestyle of modern women. With happy genies multi-functionality we try to grant women’s wishes to make sure they always have the right accessories on hand. This multi -functionality includes three different ways of carrying the bag but on top of that there is the possibility to change the look of the bag by replacing the detachable clutch, strap and top handle with other colors or accessories. Ready to match every style, outfit and occasion.


Dreams should also come true for our supply chain

Our values also reflect in our productions sites as well as our luxurious and innovative materials we use. Everything is vegan, locally and sustainably sourced without any compromises. 

For the outer body of our bags we currently focus on a leather like material made from apples which is sustainably sourced in northern Italy.

Our handbags are made by our talented and dedicated team of developers, seamstresses and craftsmen which are located in northern Italy close to the Swiss boarder.

The high quality metal components we use are nickel free and have a beautiful palladium finish. All these components are sourced within a radius of 15km of our own production site.

Our matching tote dust bags are made from recycled cotton from old garments and are crafted in Italy as well.

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