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Vegan handbags exist, but not ones made from apples! And certainly not luxury vegan handbags! happy genie is at the forefront of fashion innovation with a breakthrough technology which is sustainable and cruelty free. 

Inspired by the daily life of a modern woman we have created the happy genie signature top handle bag which is a spacious bag with a stylish but classic design, with a detachable but elegant clutch.

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Snow White

happy genie bags are the first of their kind and one of their kind. They are not only ethical but a brilliant example of effective waste management.

Urban Meisters

I could't resist...

Eve, Adam's Wife

I loved fashion and the intricacies involved in finding that perfect combination between a timeless and classic design and supporting a brand that appealed to my sense of individuality. happy genie handbags are vegan friendly, ethical and above all, sustainable.

Oh Sew Vegan

With more and more people shunning leather and opting for cruelty-free materials instead, designers are getting creative with the materials they use to make their products. 

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