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if you know a little bit about happy genie then you know we love everything related to sustainable fashion, veganism, alternative materials, fashion technology, animals, our planet, etc.

In the future we would love to use this blog to provide more insights of our company and additional information about the fashion industry and the impact it has but right now we are so busy with preparing our launch, the upcoming collection, new accessories and so on. Therefore we would love to collaborate with other bloggers who share our interests and values.

If you would like to write a guest blog about one of the following topics drop us an e-mail and we would love to read more from you:

  • slow fashion
  • environmental impact of the fashion industry
  • animal cruelty in fashion
  • sustainable fashion
  • new materials

or present your own topic to us.

We are looking forward to connect with some talented writers.

happy greetings,

happy genie


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