Founder and Co-founder

Tanja Schenker & Giulia Maragoni


(On the right) Tanja Schenker, the founder of happy genie is an aspiring entrepreneur and designer. As the person behind her brand, she stands for sustainability, fair working conditions, compassion and all this without compromising style and luxury.

happy genie is not the first luxury brand she has launched. After years of experience in fashion design, wholesale, marketing and seeing the downside of the fashion industry, she started her journey five years ago when she designed and created the sister brand, Genie in a Bag. She wanted to design a multifunctional bag which was made of high-quality luxury materials but in an ethical way. The sharp contrast of how unethical fashion can be, and the impact it has on the planet, overshadowed the true beauty of this industry.  Her aim was to make fashion ethical, not only by providing fair working conditions, also by sourcing all the materials but seeing the cruelty happening she decided to go vegan and wanted her brand to go vegan too. 

Most vegan fashion lacks style but coming from the luxury industry she wanted to make a collection with multifunctional abilities as the big sister brand Genie in a bag and at the same time redefining luxury by combining Swiss design, highest quality materials with Italian craftsmanship but with an extraordinary material. A vegan leather made from apples, (or to be more precise from apple waste) which looks and feels very similar to high-quality leather. She found an amazing way of printing on the material to have endless possibilities in designs, allowing consumers to keep the handbag and just change the clutch, handle or strap, to be on trend with the latest fashion styles, or go for a more timeless look. 

There seems to be a happy little genie in every bag waiting to grant wishes.

Happy was the name of her faithful dog who sadly past away. Happy’s favorite food happened to be apples, she wanted to dedicate the new Genie brand to him by naming it „happy genie“.


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(On the left) Giulia Maragoni, the Co-Founder of happy genie, is a visionary and creative person with a passion for sustainability.

She holds a BA in Industrial Design from La Sapienza University in Rome and a continuing education in Strategical Business Management from Harvard University in Boston. She held positions in marketing, product management and communication for various design companies.

Giulia has always had a passion for innovative materials. In 2017, she read about the apple material and the young Swiss entrepreneur Tanja Schenker who was testing the material and pre-launching a luxury handbag collection made from apple waste. 

Since her studies, functionality in design has been a point focus for Giulia. She quickly realized that her values were well aligned with those of happy genie and felt in love with the multifunctional handbags made from apples.

After the TV Show experience „Die Höhle der Löwen“ (the Swiss version of Shark Tank) our Founder Tanja Schenker asked Giulia to become her Business Partner and Co-Founder. 

Thanks to her multidisciplinary experience in design, her multilingual background and her love for the ecosystem, Giulia brings the perfect know how to help the company grow internationally.


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